Pam Quigg's Bundle 3

Pam Quigg's Bundle 3

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7 sets of online course materials with 4 months of access

These course materials have been designed to support the learning of elementary educators. There are seven focus areas:

  1. Beginning with the End in Mind
  2. Using Samples for Quality and Success
  3. Evaluation and Reporting
  4. Co-constructing Criteria for Success
  5. Instructional Rubrics for Learning
  6. Success Through Powerful Feedback
  7. Goal Setting that Energizes Learning

Assessment in the service of learning has the potential to support ALL learners.

Research and classroom practice demonstrate that when we use assessment for learning and engage students in all aspects of assessment in support of their learning, they become more invested in the learning. This is because teachers involve learners in connecting what they already know to what they need to know. Teachers help them understand ways they can shape how they show proof of learning.

While using these course materials, you will learn many practical ideas and consider the ways you can support student learning and achievement. Teachers can make a greater difference when they thoughtfully use tools for learning. And, research findings show that learning is greatly enhanced when assessment is used in the service of learning.

Classroom assessment is a set of powerful tools, actions, and strategies.

This is your opportunity to learn even more.

5 print books
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Making Classroom Assessment Work (4th Ed)

Setting and Using Criteria

Self-Assessment and Goal Setting

Collecting Evidence and Portfolios: Engaging Students in Pedagogical Documentation

Conferencing and Reporting