Making Classroom Assessment Work 4thEd

Making Classroom Assessment Work – 4th Edition

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Author: Anne Davies
ISBN: 978-1-928092-07-0
Length: 136 pages
Reference: Davies, A. 2020. Making Classroom Assessment Work, 4th Edition. Courtenay, BC: Connections Publishing.

In this best-selling book, Dr. Anne Davies leads educators on the path to quality classroom assessment – the bridge between what research shows and what teachers can do in their classrooms to prepare students for their lifelong learning journey. This updated fourth edition of Making Classroom Assessment Work offers a revised bibliography and current references to technology, as well as more ideas and examples of using assessment for learning to guide instruction, provide feedback, collect evidence of learning, present evidence of success, and produce accurate outcomes-based report cards. The thoughtful and thought-provoking framework provides a contemporary guide for teachers to follow: from involving students, parents, and community members in the assessment process to evaluating and reporting progress.

Chapters include:

• Building the Foundation for Classroom Assessment
• Beginning with the End in Mind
• Describing Success
• Evidence of Learning
• Involving Students in Classroom Assessment
• Collecting, Organizing, and Presenting Evidence
• Communicating About Learning

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