Learning With Readers Theatre

Learning With Readers Theatre

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Authors: Anne Davies, Neill Dixon & Colleen Politano
ISBN: 978-1895411805
Length: 168 pages
Reference: Dixon, N., Davies, A., and Politano, C. Learning with Readers Theatre. Winnipeg, MB: Portage and Main Press.

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Readers Theatre is a simple, effective, and risk free way to get children reading. Stories and concepts come alive as children write, perform, and interpret their roles. Learning with Readers Theatre provides strategies, organizers, and scripts that can be used as is, or as models for readers' own scripts. You'll find myriad great ideas for:

  • Planning and organizing Readers Theatre
  • Oral interpretation
  • Connecting Readers Theatre to storytelling
  • Writing scripts, both original and adapted
  • Staging and blocking
  • Crosscurricular connections
  • Integrating, and involving children in, assessment and evaluation
  • Inviting, including, and informing others