Facilitator's Guide to Classroom Assessment K-12

Facilitator's Guide to Classroom Assessment K-12

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Author: Anne Davies

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The Facilitator's Guide to Classroom Assessment K-12 multimedia kit (for Windows systems, and older Macs not using an Intel processor) is the right answer for educators who want to introduce classroom assessment into their schools and are looking for the resources to do it. Based on the work of noted author and educator, Dr. Anne Davies, and produced by the staff at Connections Publishing, the kit contains:

  • an interactive digital CD with resource files, ready for you to print, including actual student samples, ready-to-use handouts, and overhead charts and diagrams
  • a copy of the best-selling book, Making Classroom Assessment Work - 3rd Edition, and Knowing What Counts Series - 2nd Edition
  • twelve video clips totalling more than 56 minutes of footage (includes 4 teachers’ clips)
  • an overview booklet filled with practical steps, suggestions, and examples

Using these tools, a skilled facilitator will be able to successfully lead professional development sessions in classroom assessment.

Whether your faculty has expertise with classroom assessment or not, this is an area for new learning and skill development that will pay off for teachers, students, parents, and administrators. The multimedia kit will engage your team members in exploring key ideas related to classroom assessment, and give you the tools to make it work for both educators and students. Based on topics covered by Dr. Davies and other well known educators at conferences and seminars around the world, and field-tested in many different situations, the Facilitator's Guide provides 25 practical and easy-to-follow digital conversations specifically designed for a facilitator to use with a group of teachers. Each conversation includes a learning goal, a list of materials, directions for getting started, ways to debrief, and ideas for participants so they are encouraged and supported to take action where it matters - in classrooms with students.