305.000 - Making Classroom Assessment Work - K-12

305.000 - Making Classroom Assessment Work - K-12

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Making Classroom Assessment Work - K-12

(Also available as Courses 205-000 and 105-000 for Secondary and Elementary)

With Dr. Anne Davies and Sandra Herbst

The research is clear. Classroom assessment, when done well, has the greatest impact on student learning of any educational innovation ever studied (Black and Wiliam, 1998). And since Black and Wiliam first reported these results, teachers around the world have been finding ways to make this promise a reality in classrooms today.

Each of the twelve comprehensive modules focuses on a particular aspect of assessment in the service of learning. 

Module 1: Engagement and Ownership

Module 2: Beginning With the End in Mind

Module 3: Using Samples for Quality and Success

Module 4: Planning Reliable and Valid Evidence

Module 5: Co-constructing Criteria for Success

Module 6: Success Through Powerful Feedback

Module 7: Creating Instructional Rubrics for Learning

Module 8: Self- and Peer Assessment

Module 9: Goal Setting that Energizes Learning

Module 10: Collecting Evidence of Learning

Module 11: Communicating Evidence of Learning

Module 12: Evaluation and Reporting


They highlight the alignment of practice between classroom teachers and each contain the following sections:

  • Learning Goal and Resources
  • Getting Started
  • Videos – Elementary Focus (transcripts included)
  • Selected Readings
  • Debriefing the Learning
  • Extending the Learning
  • Bonus classroom footage, examples, readings, and references
  • Handouts

Choose one of 3 focus levels for your course:

  • Elementary Teachers and Leaders
  • Secondary Teachers and Leaders
  • K - 12 Teachers and Leaders