Quality Assessment in High Schools: Accounts From Teachers

Quality Assessment in High Schools: Accounts From Teachers

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Authors/Editors: Anne Davies, Sandra Herbst, Kathy Busick
ISBN: 978-0-9867851-5-3
Length: 204 pages
Reference: Davies, A., Herbst, S., and Busick, K. (Eds.) 2013. Quality Assessment in High Schools: Accounts from Teachers. Courtenay, BC: Connections Publishing.

In this updated second edition book, renowned leaders in the field of classroom assessment Anne Davies and Sandra Herbst and researcher/ writer Kathy Busick have gathered the wisdom and expertise of fifteen educators from Canada and the United States. The authors are high school teachers from a variety of disciplines. They offer a rich collection of practical classroom assessment ideas and solutions. This book will benefit teachers, teacher-leaders, principals, and district administrators in their daily work, giving them the understanding and confidence to carry out quality classroom assessment that will create and support successful lifelong learners.

The book’s first section, Preparing for Learning, Teaching, and Assessment, focuses on teachers planning and getting ready to engage students using quality classroom assessment.

The second section, Activating and Engaging Learners Using Assessment, examines how students are active in the assessment for learning process.

The third section, Preparing to Evaluate and Report, continues the process by highlighting strategies for collecting and presenting evidence, as well as using criteria-based proof of learning to report student achievement, according to required regulations.

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