Leaders' Series - 2nd Edition
Leaders' Series - 2nd Edition

Leaders' Series - 2nd Edition

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Authors: Anne Davies, Sandra Herbst & Beth Parrott Reynolds

These two resources on assessment are not step-by-step, how-to books - given the complexity of the work we do, we can't simply adopt previously used methods. However, the experiences of others do help us find our way.

Anne Davies, Sandra Herbst, and Beth Parrott Reynolds address the challenges and opportunities faced by school and system leaders with new editions of two companion books.

The first book, Leading the Way to Assessment for Learning: A Practical Guide, is the thoroughly updated (and renamed) second edition of Leading the Way to Making Classroom Assessment Work. This text provides leaders with the background research, strategies, and examples they need to guide and support teachers.

The book clearly illustrates successful assessment practices and shows leaders ways they can work with teachers to take these proven approaches to assessment and make them work in their respective classrooms. Moreover, it suggests strategies of how leaders can model these ideas in their everyday work.

This book is brimming with resources and templates that help teachers turn ideas and good intentions into actual practices and positive outcomes. After reading it, you will be energized and excited for your work ahead!

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The companion guidebook, Transforming Schools and Systems Using Assessment: A Practical Guide, is the new (and also renamed) edition of the popular Transforming Barriers to Assessment for Learning: Lessons Learned from Leaders.

This book identifies eleven areas that leaders need to deliberately plan for in order to achieve changes at all levels of the system. These include establishing a common starting point, rethinking time and resources, expanding proof of success, and standards-based reporting. The authors take the reader through first-hand accounts that show how school and system leaders have strategically prepared and implemented structures of change.

This text includes many ideas, approaches, and physical resources that give leaders practical tools to help educators successfully apply assessment for learning methods in their classrooms and throughout the system.