331.000.IN - 12 Quick Fixes: Teaching and Assessment in These Times

331.000.IN - 12 Quick Fixes: Teaching and Assessment in These Times

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12 Quick Fixes - 1 year access for Individuals, Schools & Districts

The 12 areas of focus in this course allow you to re-examine teaching and assessment practices in hybrid/blended, remote/online, or in person learning environments... and still ignite student learning.

This course is designed for K - 12.

What are the features of this course?

✔ Designed for educators working in hybrid/blended and remote/online learning environments

✔ Clear ways to narrow the curriculum, rethink lesson plans for synchronous and asynchronous learning, as well as scheduling

✔ It’s focused

 It is easily differentiated or personalised by the adult learner

✔ It shares key ideas needed now

 There are specific ideas for “Taking Action”

 Less is more

 Clear suggestions for processing the learning are included

✔ QUICK - this is learning that won’t take a lot of time. In fact, it can be done in 10 - 15 minute increments

 Includes a handout of the slides used in the video sequences

✔ Practical ideas that are immediately applicable

 include examples subject area references for Mathematics, Science, Humanities, and more (K-12)
✔ Builds on familiar practices (with minor tweaks) Handouts that include examples subject area references for Mathematics, Science, Humanities, and more (K-12)

12 comprehensive topics

  1. Engagement and Ownership
  2. Beginning with the End in Mind
  3. Using Samples for Quality and Success
  4. Planning for Reliable and Valid Evidence
  5. Co-constructing Criteria for Success
  6. Success Through Powerful Evidence
  7. Instructional Rubrics for Learning
  8. Self- and Peer Assessment
  9. Goal Setting that Energizes Learning
  10. Collecting Evidence of Learning
  11. Communicating Evidence of Learning
  12. Evaluation and Reporting

*Plus ways to get started and much more.

*Please note: You will receive one year of access to this course. Processing may take up to 3-4 business days. Your details will be emailed to you.

If you have questions contact support at support@connect2learning.com.

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