432.000 - 12 Quick Fixes: Leading Teaching and Assessment in These Times

432.000 - 12 Quick Fixes: Leading Teaching and Assessment in These Times

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12 Quick Fixes - 1 year access

With Dr. Anne Davies and Sandra Herbst

As leaders, we can keep a thread of professional learning conversations alive. The professional learning routines we establish now will support quality teaching and assessment practices during these constantly changing times. They can relieve the stress that our teachers are feeling, as they are reminded of what they already know and are provided with slight adjustments that are within their reach. Teachers still recognize that leveraging powerful instructional and assessment practices not only create student success, but also increase engagement, regardless of the platform. It also energizes us and our students. In the end, hope and optimism can continue to fuel our work. 

The 12 areas of focus in this course, 12 Quick Fixes: Leading Teaching and Assessment in These Times, allow you to re-examine the ways that instructional and leadership practices can still ignite learning. Each section includes:

  • A video focussing on teaching in hybrid, blended, online, and remote learning environments
  • A video that highlights how leadership practices can align to and model instructional expectations 

The order is yours to decide – from beginning to end, or you can select the videos that will assist you in responding to the emerging questions  you currently face.

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