When Students Fail to Learn

When Students Fail to Learn

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Author: Catherine Glaude
ISBN: 978-0-9783193-7-3
Length: 112 pages
Reference: Glaude, C. 2010. When Students Fail to Learn: Protocols For A School-Wide Response. Courtenay, BC: Connections Publishing.

Creating a school-wide response when a student does not learn requires a high level of collaboration. Teachers must be comfortable sharing their students’ needs – and their own struggles to respond – with colleagues. In this book, Catherine Glaude offers protocols designed to build trust, as well as shared knowledge and skills for analyzing, interpreting, and acting upon student assessment data needed to shift thinking from ‘my students’ to ‘our students’ – where everyone in the school is invested in each student’s learning.

"Talking productively about difficult topics requires structure and clear tools. Catherine Glaude offers a powerful toolkit for facilitators of small group processes. Here you will find resources for shaping conversations about the important products of learning and teaching. By thoughtfully applying these protocols, you will be able to work with confidence and grace to support immediate project success and energize deeper changes in the culture of working groups and schools."

– Bruce Wellman, Co-director, MiraVia LLC

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